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Anniversary Calendar Version 1.2 is live

Yay! Version 1.2 is now available in the App Store.  

The most important changes in a nutshell:

  • The layout has been updated to meet with the latest IOS standards
  • The calendar now shows additional info on the right side, you can turn this on/off if you prefer so.
  • You will now also receive a notification 1 day before any anniversary date.
  • The CSV export option now works without errors
  • The symbol for memorial dates has been changed
  • Some new backgrounds are added
  • Many little changes and improvements

This app now has a Banner on the bottom of the screen. This way, the app can stay for free. In future, there will be a paid version of the app without a banner.

Minor changes and fixes:

  • Contact form: Prevent empty email address when sending a question
  • Turn off badge count when closing the app
  • Edit date button now has a label instead of icon, to make it more clear that it is tappable.
  • capitalize names by default when adding a new date
  • special dates overview does not show the empty dates between the calculated dates.